Donation to Project Linus didn't go to them

July 28, 2019

Two or three months ago, my cousin tried to give me some of her excess fabric as she has tons. It was top of the line quilt shop quality with all the trimmings (probably 50 yards or so). By that, I mean there was enough of a particular line to make a quilt with the associated fat quarters and/or charm packs. I didn't want it, as I don't need any more "stuff". So, I told her I would donate it to Project Linus. I also had some fabric that was not top of the line fabric, but usable (estate sale buys), to donate.

So, I packed up mine and hers in two big shopping totes and took them to the local quilt shop to go to Project Linus (they had a sign in the window that said they were a pick up site for PL). It was a Sunday, so the regular people were not there. The lady who took the fabric oo'd and aah'd at my cousin's fabric and commented that she just might make a PL quilt. It gave me a bad feeling at that moment.

About a month later, I emailed PL to ask if they wanted some poly/cotton fabric I had bought thinking it was cotton. She said no. Then I emailed back and ask if she ever got that beautiful fabric from my local quilt shop. After a couple of weeks, she emailed back that she didn't get it. She had not picked up there, and she had emailed them and asked, but they didn't respond.

I was in there this week and asked about it. They said they donated it to someone else. She said people were always coming in and asking for donations, so they gave it to them. She kept saying it went to charity. I said that I meant it to go to PL. She said, "Sorry, but it did go to charity".

I'm still angry about it. Number one, I think the Sunday lady took it for herself. Number two, if they donated it to XYZ church group, it still bothers me. I didn't donate it to the quilt shop, I donated it to Project Linus.

I don't see any recourse or any way to warn others that the shop is treating your donation as if it's their own.

Any ideas?


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