Establishing first year fruit trees

JW 12866
last year

Hi - we planted 4 trees around late May in Zone 4 (upstate NY south of Adirondacks) - 2 apples, 1 peach and 1 pear. They were all about 5-6 ft high and we planted with lime (our soil is 5.5 pH or so). They've taken well in the well draining soil and with regular watering.

Question we have is what should we do with the first fruit appearing - one apple tree has a couple of fruit, there are 2 good size peaches and about 3-4 pretty small pears. The nursery had recommended that we pull off the fruit early and compost and not harvest anything in the first year - the energy of the tree then being fed into roots and getting established.

What would people here recommend? Thanks, JW

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