knock out wall OR not...

last year

I’m including 3 photos so you can see what I’m asking.

First off let me say as you can see we are doing demo and till the last hour I’m stuck on whether to take this wall out and put in a open railing OR leave it, will take out the part where gyproc is down as it’s landing space.

I had a very large mirror over a very narrow open console and it looked fine when you are inside but it was difficult to open the door without having to move behind it. Visually it tricked the eye but was tight. If I open up and put in railing I could do a feature wall on the stairwell wall, it still will be 4’ to the railing but 7’ to the stair wall, visually it would be open.

If I keep it I plan on doing a complete feature wall like an art installation, I will try and include a photo of what I’m thinking.

Welcome your ideas!

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