Decorating ideas for the bathroom

S Weeks
August 13, 2019

Any suggestions on how to best decorate the water closet portion of my bathroom? Thanks in advance for your ideas!

From water closet to rest of the bathroom.

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  • acm

    art? the same tile from teh shower wall? many options!!

  • Karin K

    Anything that does not involve toilet seat covers ... maybe another pseudo statue like you have by shower

  • drsaj

    A pretty Roman Shade would dress it up.

  • acm

    The combination of the toilet seat cover, plus no sink between you and the door handle, is skeeving me out. I really don't think people consider the hygiene consequences of these WC rooms!!

  • ital mover

    I might go with a top-down bottom up shade, either a solid hue that is light-filtering or in a print that you think works for the space

    then I would put in some kind of criss-cross shelving and fill it full of toilet paper and a small plant that likes moist air if there is enough light

    and I would put at least one sturdy hook on the wall to hang a towel

  • mlcea

    Color and light. I really like the idea of top down, bottom up shades- so practical for this space! A coordinated paint color on the wall with the window. ( bolder darker shade) to emphasize the length/depth of the room. A wall mounted shelf on either side with greenery. Leave the top of the top down shade down as much as possible to provide light. A small thin ( attractive) cabinet to the side of toilet to hold toilet tissue and wet wipes for hands. A very small trash receptacle for the used wet wipes.

  • debbiecz

    A friend just installed a poly wood shutter. It’s split 3/4 of the way up to provide privacy on the bottom, slanted at the top for light. Is wallpaper an option?

  • A A

    Here is a pic of our guest bathroom / toilet area and how I added a few decorating details to this area of the bathroom. I have the Roman shades that let you pull the shade up or down to let some light in. I leave the shades just like this even when we have company staying over. This window is high enough that you can’t see in from top part that is open. I also added some wall decorations on both sides. If you have a HomeGoods store that is close to you I would suggest going there to find a few unique wall decorations to fit your own personal taste and style.

  • Roseanne Pawelec

    Paint the walls a navy blue (like your towels), go with that crisscross shelving idea in light wood tone for wall storage of toilet paper and put up some kind of Roman shade in a funky, eye-catching pattern.

  • hubcatz

    You have a nice sized window, so how about contracting a local stained glass artist to create a custom panel that can be attached from the inside over the existing window so you gain the light, but protect privacy. Panel could be full size so no curtain needed, or half of the window such as this, with a simple valance. Add a couple of framed art pieces on each wall, a fluffy rug, a basket for tissue on the back of the toilet, and you're done!

    1960's Bath Reno · More Info

    1960's Bath Reno · More Info

  • Anne Duke

    These WCs are strictly for practical purposes. Hang a colorful picture and have extra toilet paper and necessary cleaning supplies.

  • denjen

    Perhaps a quiet wallpaper and a suspended light.You could window film the glass

    as I have seen it done nicely on houzz. Art on the right side wall.Lose the seat cover and I don't see the need for a towel or hook in that room. Store the toilet brush and cleaning supplies elsewhere. Interesting floor container or basket for the tp?

  • edithanne

    I might carry the tile in the main bath into the WC. then I would add a large scale wall paper in your neutral colors. I don't think I'd keep the toilet cover cosy. I would put a plant that doesn't need much light on the top of the toilet.

  • Susan Coleman-King

    Is that toilet tall enough for grownups? Looks very low. I would remove the seat cover, and the cleaning supplies. It would be very inexpensive to paint the lower half of the room in a darker shade like your tiles and add chair rail at the line where it changes to the existing white. I don't think you need a hook for a towel, too far from the tub or shower, but a shelf or rack for magazines or the newspaper might be handy!

  • Lorri Baranyai

    If you simply need storage, you could add a toilet cabinet. If it's just decorating the area, there are lots of options: paint, wallpaper, or decorative wood effects. It's a very narrow space and the blind emphasizes that. If you don't need it for privacy or glare, remove it and replace it with a decorative window film or as others suggested, a decorative glass hanging. Even just casing the window with nice mouldings would be a nice addition. You could also treat it like a mini green house by mounting 1 or two

    glass shelves within the window frame for small plants or colourful accessories.

  • ritasj

    There are two points of interest to improve in this situation... the view from the bathroom looking in...and the view while sitting down.. the easiest thing to affect both views would be to paint the space a different color...

  • ritasj

    Let in some light through the window...and use a glowing color like pale aqua or sky blue... or a sunny lemon yellow

  • Suzanne Grose

    You must keep it VERY simple and bright. I assume there is an overhead light. It should be bright when you enter. A simple simple shelf for toilet paper and a pretty bottle for an aroma spray is all you need on the wall. I'd put a hanging plant over the window, so it's the first thing you see when one enters the WC. Change the toilet seat to white in the best material you can afford. Keep the walls white and if you have a sense of humor, I'd paint - Wash Your Hands in bright red on the door facing the toilet. A hanging basket for magazines near the toilet is the only other accessory I put in that room.

  • ital mover

    Why would I put a hook in that space? For those entering/using the bathroom or leaving the shower wrapped in a big towel or bathrobe who want to use the toilet. Might depend how warm the space is overall.

  • Terrie B.

    Looks like mine. We added crown molding and painted the room. The best thing done was a small crystal chandelier pendant we added. Had to get electrician to retrofit as there was a different housing - love how the sparkle colors dance on the walls. There are shutters on the windows but another bath we used "Rabbit Goo" film (Amazon) to give privacy but let the light in. Many patterns - easily applied with soap and water and you just remove by pulling off so it is removable.

  • Terrie B.

    Earlier person wrote about no sink in the w/c - what grosses me out are magazines in the toilet area - that and fuzzy covers on the lid. Get an easy. silent close auto lid.

  • PRO
    Glo European Windows & Doors

    I would paint the wall behind the toilet a deep blue to match your towels and accent tile in your shower. Remove cleaning supplies and toilet cover. Add a Mother-in-law tongue plant for the top of the toilet since those plants stay alive no matter the conditions. I would also add a modest sized piece of art for the wall in a discreet frame with large matting. Since it's such a small space anything on the walls has potential to make it feel cluttered.

    Hope this helps!

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