manalucie tomato anybody tried it ?

August 13, 2019

i've heard many decent things about the manalucie tomato- size is just right for me- supposed to be meaty, with some sweetness and heat resistant. but nobody ever talks about production/ i heard tropic is similar but i heard not as meaty and smaller and i heard it has a tough skin. can anyone tell me something about the production of these two tomatoes ?

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  • farmerdill

    That is a blast from the past. Introduced buy the University of Florida in 1953 it was one of the first hot set tomatoes with Fusarium and nematode resistance. Grown primarily in the deep southern states .Surpassed by more recent introductions. Never enjoyed great popularity, but it is a survivor. Later introductions with the same appearance but improved vigor include Manapal and Tropic.

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  • sautesmom Sacramento

    Manalucie is a heat star, delicious, and of the 150 varieties I have tried, it is on my permanent list. It sets fruit all summer in Sacramento. It is very hard to find, though.
    Carla in Sac

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  • marcantonio

    i'm trying it carla !

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