Which wall should I hang my quilts on?

August 13, 2019

I have two family heirloom quilts that I want to display on the walls of my guest room. The room is loosely decorated “shabby chic.” I have a pure white duvet and pure white curtains. Both have subtle lace or crochet details. The white squares on the quilts have aged to a yellowish off-white so it isn’t the best fit with my pure white curtains and duvet but I don’t have the budget to change those.

My question is where should I hang the quilts?

One quilt on each wall.
Side by side near the lamps/nightstand.
Side by side near the door at the foot of the bed.

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  • sunnymolly

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

  • IdaClaire

    Love the quilts! You're creating a very sweet room and I like the combination of cream tones with pure white. It creates a depth and richness in a space.

    sunnymolly thanked IdaClaire
  • IdaClaire

    I am also smiling at the man holding them up and wondering how many times I've called out to my husband, "Would you come here real quick and hold this so I can look from a distance?" ;)

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  • Tony Stevens

    It’s a question that has never bothered my wife. Just two quilts? On our wall, if there’s an odd-shaped space between quilts, she’ll make another quilt to fit.

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  • imacamper

    Quite frankly...I would do away with the hospital bedding and put the green and yellow quilt on the bed. Then hang the other quilt on the wall with door opening.

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  • sunnymolly

    @IdaClaire aren't husband's the best?? I tried to do it myself and have my 4.5-tear-old take a picture of me, but that did not work out nearly as well ha ha ha!

  • sunnymolly

    @TonyStevens, that's awesome. It is like quilt Tetris!

  • sunnymolly

    @IdaClaire, thanks for calling it a sweet room. My house has way too much Ikea furniture in it, but this one room has a lot of special things, from the quilt 3 generations of women worked on to the cedar chest my grandfather made as a wedding gift to my grandmother.

  • ritasj romantic is that?.. would the chest fit on the door wall with one quilt hung over it and another folded on top?

  • decoenthusiaste

    First, I would get the armoire out of the corner, center the bed and nightstands on the wall and the put the armoire left of the entry door and out of the traffic path (where hubs is standing.) Then I would use the green and yellow quilt on the bed in spring/summer and the other one in fall/winter. The one not in use should hang at the foot of the bed with the cedar chest under it. When budget allows, add a piece of art above the bed and replace your little lamps with some larger ones. This chart will help you with sizing them correctly.

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