How to kill Wisteria roots?

August 17, 2019
last modified: August 17, 2019

In May I cut 10-year old Wisteria "Blue Moon" all the way down to the ground because it was too unwieldy for the arbor where it was planted. Later in the summer my husband became ill and I completely forgot about the Wisteria. Not surprisingly, the roots kept chugging along.

I've dug up as much of the root system as I could. The roots have grown underneath the stone path along the arbor and well into the lawn. There is no way I can dig them all out because these roots are huge. The first photo shows the thickness of the roots that go underneath the lawn. The second one shows how determined they are to spread. I'm sure I've missed many other roots in the area.

We live along a tidal river and don't use harmful chemicals. Is there anything that can be sprayed or painted on the roots to kill this vine over time?

Thanks so much for any advice,


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