Tomato winners this year. What are yours?

pat m
September 10, 2019

I ended up liking Box Car Willie a lot. Huge tomatoes and good production. I had not grown it before, but will grow it again. The ones I grow every year because they are good producers are Park`s Whopper, Big Beef, Juliet, and Stupice. I tried New Girl (from Johnny`s seeds) as it was supposed to be early and similar to Early Girl. It was a good producer and I will grow it again. The ones that were disappointing were Brandy Boy (5 tomatoes that are still not ripe). This is the 2nd and last year I tried it. I didn`t care for Lemon Boy or the Green Zebra either. Bolseno was just okay. I live in Reno, Nevada. Looking for a few new ones to try next year. What were your winners?

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  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    I'm running short on time but my top new tomato this year was KBX (Kellogg's Breakfast potato leaf). I've picked 30 tomatoes weighing about 25 lbs. and there are still a couple more left to ripen. The taste was sweet with a little tang and hint of citrus. Core wasn't very big, almost no concentric cracking due to rain but most fruit do have some radial cracking from the stem, they store on the shelf as well as most hybrids. Overall a 10 in my book.

  • pat m

    I have thought about getting Kellogg`s Breakfast. Then I heard a lot of people like Dr. Wyche`s yellow, so I will probably end up with one of the two. Thanks!

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  • Shule

    Mine this year are (so far) include Galapagos Island, Sweet Orange Cherry, Marion, Bloody Butcher, two of my Brandy Boy cross F2s, Husky Red F1 (it's probably actually the matriarchal parent of the F1), Early Girl F1 (purchased plant), and Thessaloniki. Sausage would probably be doing better if it had more space, but the Sausage plants are crowding each other, turning into a foliage forest. Some cherries I didn't mention are doing well, but were either late, hard to harvest or some such.

    Here are some honorable mentions: I kind of like Matt's Wild Cherry, as it's vigorous. The fruits are good and very deep red. Rio Grande is pretty cool. I like Valley Girl F1, except the first to third waves of ripe fruit had BER. Big Boy F1 did decently considering it was shaded by other tomato plants. My Mexican Yellow cross tastes pretty good. Nodak Early and Mountain Princess did pretty well. Porter (pink, plum-shaped) has done decently especially considering the soil it's in. Polish Linguisa has excellent taste. Coyote was pretty cool, and very vigorous.

  • Shule

    Tidy Rose F1 was pretty great (productive and decent taste; low-crawling and beefsteak shape). It was almost a favorite.

  • annie1992

    My big producers this year were Great White and Golden Jubilee. Golden Jubilee is the single most prolific bearer I've encountered here and my daughter loves them. Plus they make the most obnoxious neon orange soup I've ever seen, LOL.

    Cherry/salad type tomatoes were Garden Peach, and they were very productive and tasted good, but they are actually fuzzy, like a peach, and that texture puts me off a little. SunSugar is loaded with tomatoes, of course, and my Grandson eats them as fast as they turn color, so I can't tell you about flavor, but I'm assuming they're all right.

    I also planted a new variety to me, Hillbilly. It's a nice tomato, not as brightly orange as the Jubilee, consistent in size and shape and not prone to cracking or splitting. IT tastes OK. Tasmanian Chocolate tasted good but each of three plants produced two tomatoes each. Big Rainbow was big and pretty, as always, and Pineapple did OK, although not as good as years past.

    The big loser here was Pruden's Purple. I planted four of them and have not gotten a single ripe tomato from any of them. Plants seem healthy and every other tomato plant around them is ripening, but the few tomatoes on Pruden's are small, hard and still green. Ah well, not every variety likes my Northern Michigan weather and short growing season.

    Oh, and 24 Rutgers, my "canning tomato". 12 quarts of sauce on the counter tonight, and I've canned 32 quarts of tomatoes, plus salsa, enchilada sauce and chile sauce, mostly from Golden Jubilee, Great White and Rutgers. So, my sauce isn't so richly red as usual, but it sure tastes good!


  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Annie - you are making me want to try Golden Jubilee next season! I've already started putting together my 2020 plans and have 5 or 6 spots yet undecided. I'm putting it on my wish list.

    I wasn't too impressed with Tasmanian chocolate production either but I got a dozen or so from my one plant. Of the 6 dwarfs I grew I liked Mr. Snow, Brandyfred, and Beauty King the best. None of them were that productive averaging about 5 lbs. per plant.

    Here, my Pruden's Purple was one of the earliest OPs to ripen and it set fruit later in the season's heat better than most. I just picked the last few from it a week or so ago. IIRC it produced about 22 lbs. and averaged about 10 oz. per.

    Wes was another great producer and seemed more like a determinate in that all of the fruit ripened in about a 2 week span. I got 27 lbs. from one plant and about half of the fruit were over 1 lb. Being a oxheart I expected the fruit to me more meaty with less seeds and gel but that really wasn't the case.

    Others that produced well (15+ lbs. per plant) were Girl Girl's Weird Thing, Rebel Yell, Pineapple, Pink Ping Pong (yummy saladette), German Johnson, Bolseno F1, Linvingston's Yellow Oxheart (very meaty!).

    I didn't care much for Black From Tula. The fruit didn't ripen evenly and it was hard to tell when they were actually ripe, the also didn't store very well. Jaune Flamme produced pretty well but the taste was a little intense for me. I might grow it again sometime but not next year. I prefer my cocktail tomatoes to be sweeter. Lucky Cross was pretty good and had pretty fruit but was one of the latest to ripen and didn't quite get to 15 lbs. of production. JD's Special C-Tex was a major flop and only produced a few tomatoes. Very disappointing since I had heard a lot of good reviews on it. Never again!

  • Labradors

    I was disappointed in Indian Stripe PL for the second year in a row. It tasted ok, but wasn't very productive or even very big and it was a disease magnet.

    Orange Strawberry, a large heart, tasted divine.

    Maglia Rosa, which I planted early in a 3 gallon container, tasted amazing, and still does. Usually, there are other varieties that taste better at the end of the summer, but not this season!

    I still love Little Lucky, Taste and Bulgarian Triumph.

  • Jamie

    Our top producers this year were Pink Ping Pong and Lollipop.

  • pat m

    I tried to get Bloody Butcher last year and failed. I will try again this year. I won`t bother with Indian Stripe which I did want. I might look for Orange Strawberry since I have never had a heart tomato. I only have room for about 8 tomatoes, so I have to be selective. I have heard before about people not liking Black Tula. I might try Black Krim instead. Pink Pin Pong sounds interesting. I wish I had more room!

  • shp123

    I grew 6 varieties of cherry and 6 varieties of beefsteak. The Sunrise Bumblebee is the winner from the cherry categories. The fruits are bountiful and gorgeous looking with yellow and orange stripes and they taste sweet like candies. The Indigo Kumquat is interesting as the fruit turns from green to purple then yellow and finally red. It is quite prolific but the fruits are prone to splitting. I also have Super Snow White, Sweet 100, Gold Krone they are ok. I will not grow Gaja de Melon again. Yellow pear was also disappointing.

    In terms of beefsteak tomatoes, I think the Dr Wyche is overrated. Nice flesh, taste great, but every tomato is cat-faced or split. Mortgage lifter gives big tomatoes but not prolific. Costellato Genovese, black krim and Hillbilly are predictable and consistent. I also have Roma paste tomatoes which is very prolific and great for sauce/canning. Yellow Dragon, for some reasons, is a disappointment this year.

  • Shule

    Huh. Never grown Dr. Wyche's Yellow, but I have grown Sweet Ozark Orange twice (not this year). Sweet Ozark Orange is half Dr. Wyche's Yellow; I think the other half is German Red Strawberry. Sweet Ozark Orange had blemish-free, consistently large fruits without cracking or splitting, whether I gave it drought all year or heavy watering all year. It was quite good, although the taste was not unusual for an orange beefsteak to me. It had reasonably good production, but it wasn't the earliest.

    Have any of you grown Amana Orange or Persimmon?

  • Labradors

    I grew Persimmon this year and was disappointed in its acidic taste :(. I also found Moonglow acidic. (It's another gold one). Too bad because it is compact and prolific with lovely round orbs.

  • Shule

    I love acidic tomatoes! :) They're hard to find. But that's too bad you don't like them. Moonglow, eh? I've got seeds for that. So, that's great to know. I'm not sure I've tasted an acidic orange tomato before. I'm curious what that would taste like. I've had acidic yellows, though (and acidic golden cherries). I've grown Persimmon before, and was just curious on your thoughts, since the taste was so unique to me. Mine wasn't acidic, but I overwatered it.

  • Labradors

    I just looked them up on Tania's website and she says that Persimmon is orange and that Moonglow is golden. You're in luck! I thoroughly recommend Moonglow for you ;).

  • Christine

    I'd say my winners are the only ones that ripened! My yellow pear heirloom cherry tomatoes.

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