Bathroom Remodel

September 10, 2019
last modified: September 10, 2019

Here is our existing layout.

What we really don't like about this bathroom:

  • It's tiny size. There's not even enough room for a free standing trash can anywhere in the room, and you have to do a shimmy getting in and out of the tub.
  • The tiny/awkward shower setup. I believe it's normal sized but due to the configuration makes it feel cramped. We'd prefer to do a larger walk-in shower that is tiled with no tub. Would make it easier to wash our pets.

So we'd like to expand it. We're willing to give up some of our bedroom space as we have a queen with PLENTY of room around it with today's setup. So the walls I plan to move are the ones that divide the bedroom/bathroom/closet.

Other thoughts:

  • This is in a 2200 sqft $300k home.
  • I'd like to spend $15k or less for the whole job, though tell me if that's not possible.
  • Resale value is a concern, so if getting rid of the walk-in in favor of an ikea style wall closet that is of interest to me.

We reached out to a designer and she offered a few options. Here they are with what I like/don't like.

Option 1: Removing the walk in and replacing it with a pretty massive shower & shower bench.

I like this design but I fear we're putting a shower that would belong in a $600k home. And we would better use this space otherwise.

Option 2: Moving the shower to the left side of the room.

(Ignore the closet addition in the bottom right. We're not doing that.

I like that the shower is over by the window. If we did glass shower door we could let that natural light cast over entire room. I don't like that the bathroom is only marginally larger, and our shower really doesn't get any bigger, in fact it looks smaller. Also I worry that rearranging the plumbing is going to be costly for little win.

So, I'm curious if anyone has a better idea of how we could lay this out.

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