Zone 6 Crape Myrtle just broke domancy?

last year

Hey everyone,

I have two crape myrtles in my yard. One of them has always done well and springs up to about three feet even after dying back in the winter. Its sister has always been slower growing and slower to break dormancy.

Our past winter had a nasty cold snap and while the early bloomer woke up in spring on time my late bloomer did not. After seeing no signs of buds and nothing but dead wood under the old bark in late July I wrote it off and cut down the old sticks, leaving the stump in the ground.

Then just yesterday something told me to take a look at the sad little stump and I see a tiny two-inch crape myrtle shoot! I am happy but I can't believe it's just waking up in early September. Has anyone heard of such a thing with zone-borderline plants?

Can I do anything special to protect it during the winter, or help it build up some strength while we still have warm weather?

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