Snake a drain is this possible

Gwen Smith
3 days ago


We have an outside sewer drain that once every two years get clogged. It been two years since we had to unclog sewer line before.

Yesterday my plumber came he told me he couldn’t snake the drain with his machine due to fact when the metal came in contact with the outside sewer drain it cause sparks when his metal snake came in contact with sewer drain.

He tested in my house to show me when his snake machine was plugged up sparks happened when he touch a piece of metal.

My question how is the possible he claim my house wiring could be grounded to my sewer line.

But when my husband came home very later he touch metal from a hand drain snake on same metal the plumber did and no sparks. So my question could his machine just maybe had a short somewhere and that why he go electrical sparks?


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