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Again, I have way more plants than I can fit in my house's windowsills. Last year I made a grow chamber using a cardboard box and CFL bulbs in the basement. Have some issues but the major issues are it is too small and the CFL bulb does not last long, burned out two already in last winter. This year I am building a long term one. 2' dRoth X 4.5'length x4 ‘height. Originally I thought just get the 4ft T5 or T5 HO (that's why the length is 4.5') but after reading some posts regarding grow lights I think LED might more cost effective ? My main goal is to get the plants over the winter, at least not in survival mode. It is even better if they grow. My plants are mostly, Citrus, Philodendron, Jade trees and this or that tropical plants. I have been considering these light options, which one is the best or do you have better recommendations? for the LEDs, it the area the light covers the area of the light? Do I need two 2'X2' led panels to cover 2' X4' area?

Thanks a lot...

1. Roleadro

2. Feit

3. Hykolity

4. MarsHydro

5. HLG

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