Miele washers: are they really worth the extra $$$?

October 7, 2019

Doing my due diligence before purchasing a new washer and dryer. Only got space for the smaller ones, that fit beneath a kitchen counter, and the dryer has to exhaust indoors

Previously had (still have) Samsung ones - the washer (this one: https://www.samsung.com/ca/washing-machines/washer-ww22k6800aw/WW22K6800AXA2/) is frustratingly useless as it simply doesn't wash or rinse thoroughly, so I'm having to process every wash twice, which is a waste of time, money, energy, water, etc. Dryer is ok, I guess, for drying small stuff - anything else gets itself in a crumpled knot. Yes, I do add tumble dryer balls, but they don't help much.

So I went to look at the creme de la creme, from Miele.

The Miele washer has its own soap/dispenser, all sorts of clever washes, but the draw, for us, is the free 10 year warranty and the stellar reputation. The kicker is the price tag, around $7k delivered and installed for washer and dryer, here in Canada.


The Miele dryer has the equivalent of a heat pump, so exhausts back into itself and re-uses its heat, with a little pipe that drains into the washer drain, if that makes sense.


The Bosch equivalent is less than half that, and I get a rebate from Energy-Star which is quite substantial, plus a 4-year warranty means it's still less than half the Miele. But I'm sick of second-rate washers, as even the cheap ones are a lot of money!

What's the latest on Miele - are they still fantastic washers that are worth the extra $$$, or should we save our money, run the annoying Samsungs into the ground, and replace with maybe Bosch?


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