String of hearts problems

October 10, 2019

I bought some strings of hearts to root over the summer. I rooted them and bought a few little tubers on eBay. In late September I noticed them all dying back. When I dug up the tubers they were all rotted except for one and a string with no tuber, just a root. I bought another large tuber with strings and potted it in some regular potting soil and perlite with the other two. I've had the new tuber for a week and it already seems to be going downhill. The leaves are flat and wrinkly and the tuber itself has a very small root system. The one I rooted back in july still has only one root about half an inch long but is hanging in there. What am I doing wrong here? I water it once a week, watered it last night and they're still wrinkly. I have it on a heat mat now in some bright light but I really like this plant. Help please :(

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