Papilionanthe teres var. andersonii

November 6, 2019

After a number of years this one flowered for the first time. Despite drought, heat and full sun it did quite well. But the first big storm and heavy rain and the flowers just wilted and died.

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  • Ingrida

    Lovely bloom. I love the one with the ant visiting. Pity about the short life, after waiting for so long.

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  • tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱

    Very nice, thanks. Maybe now that it has bloomed it will become a recurring event.


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  • tropicbreezent

    Ingrida, they're supposed to go at least a few weeks. The first opened up in the heat and clear sun then the others opened over the following week. However, when rain set in they all wilted together.

    Tsugajunkie, it's growing intertwined with Arachnis limax. That took a while to start flowering but once it did it puts on a show each year now. I agree, the Pap. probably will as well.

  • arthurm2015

    Just wondering if the wet season is late starting up there? The horrible winter west wind is blowing here today. Humidity about 20%. Yuk!

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  • tropicbreezent

    Arthur2015, the wet season is late, rain starting last week of October rather than in late September. Average max temp here for October was 37.9C. No rain for 175 days, then what did come was isolated storms. Monsoon is forecast to arrive later in January, also quite late. Before the rain the relative humidity was getting down to 6 to 8% because of the heat. We're back to mid to high 30's with temperatures but the humidity is much higher.

    I was surprised when the Pap. flowered during the heat and dry and then died with the rain. But I don't know much about them.

  • shavedmonkey (Harvey in South Fl.)Z10b

    I have a lot of these formerly terete vanda, growing on trees. I have had them for years. Your bloom was forced out of sequence due to warmer weather. They bloom in the mid to late summer. The plant is a pig. It wants water daily and twice a day in severe heat. And they love to be fed. Give it continuous care and it will bloom next summer.

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  • tropicbreezent

    Harvey, I bought them with Vanda andersonii on the label, which I couldn't find any record for. The seller had mixed the variety name with the species name, apart from it having been switched to another genus. After it flowered I worked it out.

    I've tended to neglect it because I have a large area to look after and it's difficult keeping up with everything. The watering is okay as I have an automatic irrigation system. But I need to push more fertiliser onto it, or set up some sort of fertigation system. There's no end to it all when you're a slave to your garden, LOL.

  • tropicbreezent

    Looks like we may have a pollinator here. Surprised to see this seed pod developing.

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