Which floorplan do you prefer??

megan k
November 7, 2019

We are renovating an existing fairly small and narrow house to use as a vacation/beach house.

We are gutting it down to the four exterior walls.

This will likely never be our full-time home, and it is in an area where most are 2nd homes.

Being a small home, we want to obviously maximize the design space.. But I'm having trouble visualizing these plans to determine what makes the best sense spatially.

I'm wondering which plan you like - I labeled the images "A" and "B" - and what works best given the space we have to work with??

In both plans, I am going to lose the entrance closet to slide the entrance door over even a bit more to get more space out of the living room.

In both plans, I'd also turn the bathroom into a half bath as there's no bedrooms on this floor and there's two other full baths in the house.

In "A" I would add a pantry/closet in the dining area against the half bath space. In "B" I'd make the back closet bigger by the half bath use as a pantry/closet.

"A" - Slightly larger kitchen and living room.. I can' tell if I'd actually like some division between spaces given that there's no other actual rooms on that floor for adults/kids to separate a bit...

"B" - I think I like the idea of open concept a bit more.. But I can't tell from these plans if the dining room space is realistic for seating 8 people which I'd like to do from time to time.. And I can't tell if it's worth giving up a bit of living room and kitchen space to open it up?

Any other thoughts/suggestions??

Thank you!!!

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