Secateurs and Loppers

December 3, 2019

Need new of both so put them on my Christmas list. I have tried most of the common brands like Felco, Corona, etc. over the years. Recently I switched to Fiskars because they are relatively inexpensive and I can just buy new ones each year. (not the loppers they cost more). I have been spraying my all with lysol to disinfect since RRD landed in my garden and that is causing rust on my Fiskars even when I dry and oil them after use. I need loppers that allow me to reach climbers from ground for daily maintenance so not too heavy but telescoping or long handled. If my secateurs are expensive, which is OK, but then I will have to learn how to sharpen them. Do you have a favorite tool for that?

Google Reviews are suspect on all these items so would really appreciate any suggestions from you guys on what you like best. Thanks thanks.

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  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    I highly recommend pruners by ARS, made in Japan of superior Japanese steel. I have two pairs-- lighter weight one made for roses, and a little heavier pair. I use the heavier pruners the most. As far as loppers, I have been satisfied with various Fiskars loppers, from the smallest size to those big telescoping ones. I use the smallest size most. I also have an ARS pruning saw which I don't use much. Over the years, I have many brands and accumulated a collection of losers. Those I've mentioned are my favorites. Diane

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  • Lisa Adams

    I’ve been wondering what those pruners that hold onto the cut stem or cane is called? I have a hard time getting to the pieces that fall out of reach. I think they do exist, but I’m not sure what they’re called. Sorry, Austinkisses. Your post reminded me to ask. Lisa

  • hugogurll

    Felco 100 - professional cut & hold pruners. Great for one-handed deadheading.

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  • wantonamara Z8 CenTex

    my large coronas have lasted 20 years with an ocassional handle replacement. I am in the bad habit of leaving it outside. It bites the largest cedars compared to my other lopers . I treat them rough and use trees, rocks and other trees to force those lopers though branches. no wonder why I need to buY another loper handle, I am looking at the ratcheting fishers lopers.

  • Perma n’ Posies/9A FL

    This is such a helpful post—-thanks to all for sharing! I’m just so excited to think of roses big enough to use these tools, lol! Right now, I can trim everything with my little Coronas. :-)

  • austinkisses2008z8a

    Thank you all, very very helpful. Any other thought on loopers? I have some tall climber on arches and also some older roses with thick cans beyond secateurs. I have been using a couple of different sizes from Fiskers but not super pleased. Of course, it could be the operator (me) that is the problem.

  • austinkisses2008z8a

    loppers sorry

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