Kitchen Remodel Layout Help Needed

Troy Mitchell
3 days ago
last modified: 3 days ago

Hi All,

New here although I've been reading for many years. If I miss any crucial info, please let me know.

We are re-doing our entire kitchen. Appliances, cabinets, flooring, counters, lighting, etc. and are trying to determine our layout.

Here is the current layout as best as I can replicate using the Ikea designer (we're not using Ikea).

And here are some photos from when we bought the house 4 years ago. I can provide more if needed.

My main issue is with the fridge location. It is not counter depth and therefore takes away the whole corner beside it. You have to work around the fridge to get into the cupboards and the counter space beside it is only useable for storage.

The other issue is seating. Due to the peninsula, if someone is cooking and someone is sitting at the table, it feels like we're in separate rooms almost. We currently do not spend a single minute in the kitchen, unless we're cooking.

We're considering:

- Shortening the corner cabinet by the sink by 4" in order to get the sink centre to the window.

- Moving the doorway between the fridge and pantry wall to allow for 24" cabinets on the pantry wall. they are currently 11". The wall on the other side of the pantry wall is only 23" deep, so still trying to figure that one out. Then move the fridge into that wall to free up the corner.

- Adding an overhang on the peninsula to allow for seating. A place to eat, hang out instead of the couch, do a bit of work, keep someone company while they cook.

- Remove the bulkheads.

This is approximately how it would look. Imagine the peninsula isn't two tone, but is just 1 piece of quartz. Imagine the chairs are taller. The fridge can also go in the middle of the pantry wall. Current placement would best hide the cabinets coming out 1" past the wall, i think. Unless our GC can recess all the cabinets by 1".

Thanks for any and all help you can give!

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