Help! My silver torch cactus is sick

18 days ago
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Hey everyone, my silver torch cactus/cleistocactus strausii has become sick. I've had this plant for over 8 months and he is by far my favorite plant, and immensely important to me. I'd be devastated if it died. I don't want to just buy another one, I want this one. I hardly water him, especially since its winter now. I went upstairs where he lives to check on another plant and noticed patches on both of his columns where they face eachother. He's never given me any problems before, and the only thing that's changed recently is he's getting more sunlight, and I've gotten more plants that also live on the chair he lives on because of lighting. These plants get misted regularly and despite trying to separate them when I do, or trying to keep him dry I'm afraid he must have gotten some mist on him since this is the only thing that's changed. I think this might be some type of fungas/dry rot? I thought it might also be bugs because there were a few little tiny black bumps on these places, but they're very hard, and difficult to get off. When I did they don't crush or break like I'd expect a bug to, and they don't move. The patches themselves are kinda white/cream, save for a few spots that are black. There's also one spot that seems sticky/shiny. When I poked all these patches with a q-tip and a toothpick, they were hard, not soft or squishy at all. I don't have any experience with anything like this and I'm super afraid for my plant. Obviously because of the way the plant is it's hard to touch these spots or get a clear view of them.Should I cut these parts of? Should I treat them with something, or only cut the black parts off? A lot of the shorter column has the white patches but no black. What will happen to him if I leave him like this and keep him dry? I don't want to get rid of him.

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