sprouting spring bulbs - don't worry

last month

Spring flowering bulbs that are up and growing sometimes (always) get hit with freezing temps - they are smarter and a lot tougher than they look! Once they thaw out they're usually (always) fine. Most Dutch bulbs originate from snowy harsh climates and can take the cold without any problems. Don't worry this April when your bulbs start growing and their tops freeze solid - the weather will warm up again and they will grow normally. If they have been planted outside in the garden they will be okay, potted bulbs that have been forced are not acclimated to the freezing temps and will turn to mush if exposed to outdoor conditions too early. We have two more months of cold weather here and I am already seeing the tips of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils poking above the soil! C'mon springtime!

Here are some pics from last spring, these hyacinths repeatedly froze and thawed once they started to grow and they were gorgeous! The pictures of the hyacinths frozen and the one following were taken the same day. Didn't miss a beat...

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