Huge fairytale castle cactus

Kristina Ramos
6 days ago

Just bought this huge fairytale castle cactus. It’s almost 2 feet long and 5 years old.

on the back of it there’s two pieces t are kinda white. Not powdery white though. Also, looks like something has been munching on the tips of some pieces. There’s even tiny holes all the way through.

- what is the white pieces and how can I make those pieces healthy?

- how can I get rid of any pests eating the tips and will the tips ever grow back better?

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  • Andrea ME z5b

    It actually looks pretty good to me. I think the white pieces you refer to are just corking, it's a natural process that often happens to older stems of cacti and as a kind of scar from mechanical damage. The tips look ok to me, if they're not too badly damaged they'll continue to grow but if not they should branch just below the damaged areas.

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