Recessed lighting in kitchen on cathedral ceiling - Gimbals vs.regular

6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

I did some research on recessed cans as I thought I didn't want the regular flush can. I found something called a gimbal and my designer agreed to that with a 4" can. It's a long story, but the contractors just bought regular 6" cans and installed. I can't figure out if I'm going to like the light in my peripheral vision. Have owners liked the regular cans in cathedrals or am I going to be unhappy? To change isn't on my dime as it was their mistake, although I don't think they will change the layout, just use the holes that are there now. My designer is coming Wed to look but when she came a few days ago with not all of them in, she thought it was fine as she likes a cleaner look and the gimbals will stick out a little, but I go back and forth. I just want to know, not taking into account who has to pay for the change, what do home owners like in the end? Thanks so much.

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