Black tile for Master Bath?

5 days ago

We are planning our new Master Bath (12x10 with 6x4 shower, no tub) using these inspiration pics. We plan to put matte black tiles on the back wall of the shower and line those tiles up on the floor. The side walls of the shower will be white matte tile. The room will have 2 floating walnut vanit

Bathroom Oak St · More Info

Bathroom Oak St · More Info

Bathroom Oak St · More Info

Bathroom Oak St · More Info

ies with white tops and vessel sinks. The walls will be painted white. There is one 32x32 frosted window that faces north, so not too much natural light. My questions are 1. will the black on the floor make the room too dark and 2. is it hard to keep black tiles looking clean? Thanks for any input!

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  • Mrs Pete

    Yes, too much black (especially in a room with only one window and that window frosted) will make the room feel dark. One wall is okay -- but be careful of too much. Perhaps a floor that's half and half? Pay close attention to your lighting; it will be crucial to a comfortable room.

    I like the inspiration picture that includes a bit of greenery; it seems to keep the color palate from becoming too stark.

    Do note that none of these inspiration pictures include floor mats, towels and so forth. Do account for these "soft things" in your overall plan.

    Yes, black is hard to keep clean. Vessel sinks also require cleaning inside AND out.

    These pictures are striking. Does this super-clean, modern vibe match the rest of the house? If so, sounds like you have a plan.

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  • bpath reads banned books too

    Black matte in a shower??? They will be very difficult to keep clean, even if you and spouse both spritz and squeegee every single shower, and especially if the tile reaches to the ceiling — and you can’t.

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  • PRO

    I hope you love to scrub..............and mop. I mean LOVE

    The color of soap residue, and skin..........and WHITE ish.: ) EEEks

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  • PRO
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  • kelly

    Thanks for the comments. I do NOT love to scrub! I currently have a dark gray slate-look porcelain tile floor with gray grout that is very forgiving, and my shower is all white. This combo is pretty easy to keep clean- going darker might not be a good idea!

  • Kirsten E.

    Definitely hard to keep clean, but those inspo pics don’t appear to have a ton of natural light either (though the rooms appear more smaller/more narrow).

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  • A Fox

    I agree on maybe staying away from true black. Our house has an all black kitchen and foyer floor that is a pain and shows all of the dust. We also have a black tile floor in our guest shower, that despite being only occasionally used manages to get a white buildup in all of the corners. I would definitely recommend sticking to a more medium tone like a gray.

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  • strategery

    Same design with concrete gray would look really nice.

  • skmom

    Here is my powder room. Tiles are a slate look porcelain tile with charcoal grout (we used grout additive instead of water to mix grout). Walls are BM decorators white. Wood is walnut covered with Waterlox original and no stain. We have zero windows in this powder room, but lots of LED lighting. Our family is larger than average with 5 children who’ve all been teens and young adults in the last 4(?) years since we’ve completed the gut remodel of this room. Maybe it’s because the tiles are more charcoal than black, but this room is super easy to clean AND to keep looking clean. Granted, it’s a powder room so major grooming isn’t happening in here, but we’ve always been a homeschooling family and this powder room is the only bathroom on our main floor, so it gets a LOT of use. The tiles are not slippery in the least, water drips dry up without any smudging or streaking. The only thing about this bathroom that I personally wouldn’t want in my main master bathroom is the vessel sink. It’s fine when all you’re doing is washing your hands, but for daily grooming I wouldn’t want to work around a vessel sink and I plan for an integrated or an undermount sink when we finally get around to gutting our master bathroom in this home. Anyways, I have this same tile in our large foyer and down a main traffic hallway (our foyer is the size of a small living room, our home is quite large) and I adore this tile. It’s soooooo easy to keep looking clean. The ONLY thing that makes it look dirty is snowy footprints. (Three of my children are teenaged boys, and while they mostly have good habits and are not characterized by carelessness, sometimes they do forget to take their boots off after shoveling the walkways.) I suppose if we had pets with light fur that would show up easily on the dark tile too, but we are a pet free home due to our oldest daughter’s extreme allergies... so it’s just snow that shows up here.

  • skmom

    I think my photo above might make the tile look more black than it really is... it’s more of a dark charcoal, hope this photo of the tile baseboard area shows the color and texture better.

  • Joy

    Do you have hard water? Black will show every water spot if not wiped down after each use.

  • Design Girl

    Kelly - I'd seriously rethink the black unless you have a maid cleaning everyday.

  • homechef59

    Black tile would be great in any area where there is no water. If there is water, it's a no go. Too hard to keep clean.

  • whaas_5a

    Even if you don’t have hard water you will need to blow dry the tile in order to keep the water spots from forming

  • noreaster10

    I put black matte 2 inch hex in my kids’ shower. No water spots and not difficult to clean. Been there 3 plus years. Only thing I noticed was the charcoal grout became white in some areas. It was the grout color fading. I used something that fixed that and looks like new. White walls. Black floor. I don’t have a water softener and must not have super hard water, but literally no issues. And this was for my kids who are now in college so no daily scrubbing. :)

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I once did an entire black bathroom for a client I mean toilet , tub, walls the works , his cleaning lady actually loved it she said she could for sure really see where it was dirty and never complained. I love black and I like your inspo pic just make sure your lighting is awesome . At the time I did that bathroom there were no LEDs so I used lots of halogen lighting , now I would do 4000K LEDs. We use a squeegee on our shower walls every time we shower and no real issue . I do clean the shower well once every week. I do suggest you have soft water . I would use large format tile to keep grout lines to a minimum and no bar soap.

  • julieste

    I'm considering a charcoal hex floor in a guest bathroom that won't get a lot of use (primarily used as an extra bathroom when needed by anyone). Is this a bad idea too?

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