Container size for dwarf blueberries

BlueberryBundtcake - 6a/MA
13 days ago
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I've got plenty of experience with blueberries but with northern highbush blueberries in the ground. I've now got some southern highbush blueberry bushes that are going to be living in pots. They'll be overwintering in my basement, since otherwise they could get too cold or come out of dormancy into a late freeze. The will live outside in full sun for warmer months.

Anyways, they spent this last winter in their garden center pots (like 6" diameter by 8" tall cheap plastic pot) and are coming up nicely. They're starting to leaf out now; it'll probably be a couple more weeks before they can venture outside. They're ready for real pots, but I'm not sure what size. They are Sunshine Blue, which is supposedly a dwarf variety. The plants are kind of scrawny still but have canes reaching about 18" tall, so young plants. We would be willing to transplant them again if a smaller pot would be better to start. There are two of them, but we were thinking they'd have their own pots.

What pot size would you plant these in? Do you recommend starting small and transplanting when the plant gets bigger or planting in final pot from the beginning? Do you recommend self-watering planters for blueberries?


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