Impulse Hole. DA Olivia Rose or Easy Does It?

Today, I dug an impulse hole in my rose bed. Just like that. It is a prime spot which I had attempted to dig before but I gave up at first because it is relatively close to a big tree we have in the area.

We had some landscaping done recently and the guys pruned a few branches off that canpoy and now that spot is receiving great light and just sits there empty.

I couldn't stand it and I started digging again, in a slightly different spot.

It wasn't easy, I fought roots like crazy - but I have a nice vacant spot now that I need to fill up.

I have two candidates:

Olivia Rose

and East Does it.

Which one would you think would do better in my area (North Atlanta, GA)?

I am looking for a relentless bloomer with excellent disease resistance.

Thank you so much!

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