Growing watermelons and pumpkins

Sarah O
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

I am having trouble deciding on location and spacing for my pumpkins and watermelons. I have two spaces I can use. One is 16' x 15' feet and the other is 5'4"x 15". The 5'4" x 15' area is 1/3 of another 16' x 15' bed that is split equally with corn, and potatoes. This is a large 16' x 34' garden bed meant for sprawling and large sf plants that wont work well in my over 3' x 15' raised beds. I left 4' space between the two halves. I want to plant 5-7 watermelons and 14 pumpkins and gourds. I am open to trellising the watermelons and pumpkins, but do not have any experience trellising anything that large. I grow in rows with a dripline, not hills, and 1' spacing has always worked in the past.

The smaller bed will have partial shade and the larger bed will be full sun (besides the small amount of shade from the corn) There is a black walnut tree about 45' away from the northeast side of my garden, so the half the is shared with corn and potatoes needs to stay on the south side of the garden. I did not realize this was an issue when I planned this area last year.

Option 1

5'4" x 15' - (A) Two 5' rows 7.5' apart with 3 watermelons a little under 2' apart or (B) One 5' row of 5 watermelons 1' apart

16' x 15' - 1 row 15 pumpkins and gourds 1' apart

Concerns - enough sun and space for the watermelon.

Option 2

5'4" x 15' - Smaller pumpkins and gourds on a trellis

16' x 15' - (A) 2 rows. 1 row of 7 pumpkins spaced 2' apart on a large A frame trellis and 1 row of 7 watermelons spaced 2' apart sprawling or an a large A frame trellis. (B) 1 row of 7 pumpkins and 7 watermelons 1' apart. I will try to put up a separation between the two halves so the pumpkins don't overtake the watermelon

concerns - pumpkin vines overtaking watermelon vines