Please help - what's wrong with my limequat?

6 days ago

I have a new-ish dwarf limequat tree, that didn't arrive in the best condition and has only got worse.

-First I thought it was citrus greening, because of the small bugs and the twisted and colour of the leaves, but you don't get that in this part of the world.

-Then I thought that it was a nutrient deficiency so I gave it nutrients intended for citrus, with added Fe and Mg, but the tree is now flowering but still doing worse.

-The leaves are turning brown and red.

-The bugs are also getting worse

and I can't identify them. Maybe they're doing well from the added nutrients.

-There are also small, black 'pock marks' on some leaves.

-I've also given it Confidor insecticide (imidacloprid) but it hasn't had any effect.

Can anyone please help me identify the cause of any of these issues??

Thank you!!!

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