Help with wall design with air return

Darlene Smith
6 days ago

Hello! I have a giant air return on a wall that faces the main living space. I want to be able to make more use out of the wall while minimizing the air return, yet not impeding airflow or making it very difficult to access. I've (roughly) photoshopped an idea... I'd love your general thoughts on the design as well as any ideas on how better to hide the air return.

So far, my husband doesn't like the picture wall and he says the vent isn't covered enough... might as well keep it wide open. :D

I've included a picture of what it looks like now, as well.

Thanks for your input!!! (oh, and don't be concerned that there are no rails on the front side of the stairs. :) )

Here's the idea (please forgive obvious image issues from being pieced together from various images):

Here's what it looks like now: :(

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