Waterproofing help.

5 days ago

Working on a 7ft wide 4ft deep, curbless (quickdrain trench) shower with 2 walls that are 2x4 framed wall studs and 1 exterior wall on the right 4ft side that is concrete block. It has been suggested to me to use Wedi board. I need to Wedi the exterior wall correct? I was told to furring strip the wall then attach Wedi board to the wood furring strip. DH sees no point in Wedi the exterior wall (hum) suggested red guard. Now I have 3 different materials going on here? I am pretty sure you will veto the DH suggestion.

When I do the Niches I just cut pieces and do inside of niche and then cut the hole out of the wall board so that raw edges are covered but what about the raw edges of the wall board? Do I need to cover this like the Kerdi method. I am familiar with the Kerdi on Durrock process. Or just a thought what if I used kerdi around the niche edge. I can't remember if I used Durrock in my Niches before or I went right to the 2x wood. Whatever I did, I asked first.

I know they frown upon mixing materials. Please explain. So I entered into this project planning on doing it the way I did the others and now I am totally confused. Suggestions appreciated thank you.

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