Deuil de Dr. Reynaud (again) and a band

last month

I have been so attracted to this rose since last year and asked about it twice here on the rose forum but didnt get much feedback. I dont know why I like this flower as much as I do, specially since I have never seen it for real and I dont know why so few people grow it.

I asked two sources outside of the rose forums, RVR and Freedom Gardens and got contradictory answers. Freedom Gardens said its a very big plant that puts on one great big show of super fragrant roses. RVR was adamant it repeats very well.

Does anyone have some experience with this rose? maybe a comment or two?

I finally got DdeDrR from RVR. Well if there is a chance RVR's DdeDrR repeats....

I got a band with two flowers on two long lax stems.

The fragrance of this rose is mesmerizing and elegant. I am so glad I got it!! I dont have picture of the blooms as they were kind of faded but they are a beautiful, cool, purplish dark pink and globular in form and I think there is a green eye.

There was a tiny amount of soil in the band and the little plant was root bound. I potted it up. (I know, I know, I have so many grow bags now, I have to use them up :) )

My question is, should I just leave this be just like that, long and thin? Or should I cut back some hoping for more branching and thickening? It looks like the Y shape is because someone did trim the top.

Related, so in passing: I have two more bands with one slender rooted stem. These are Guirlande d'Amour from HCR.

Should I cut a bit back on these or not,to them to have more branching?


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