Pruning new growth on roses?

Adelaide (Z8b Canada)
last month
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I feel like this is probably a super silly question, but I have searched everywhere and can't seem to find an answer to this...

After much anticipation, my Jude the Obscure finally broke dormancy! Now it's throwing out new growths, everywhere. Up, down, side-by-side. Some shoots look like they'll be in each other's paths, some are going towards the it to prune some of the new growths off now? Should I wait longer to see if they'll "correct" their trajectile?

In this photo there is one shoot growing towards the soil:

In this one there are multiple shoots growing on the same cane, two of them side-by-side:

Multiple shoots going in different directions, some pointing downward (will it curve back up?):

On another note, I see some tiny flower buds on my Queen of Sweden! I cannot be more very first rose and very first bloom!!!

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