Give up on peas or wait a while yet?

As all of us here on the Front Range have noticed, summer has hit with a bang the past couple weeks. Being part reptile, I am loving every minute of it, but my peas definitely are not. They have plenty of water and several inches of mulch but, like most people who are not me, they still completely collapse in these temperatures leaving me a heap of sad, crispy peas by late afternoon. They recover for the most part once they aren’t getting beat on by the sun (they are in the shadiest spot in my garden I could find, not that that’s saying much they still get a solid 6-7 hours of full, unrepentant sun) but all of the growing tips get pretty burned up.

Forecast calls for upper 80’s and 90’s for at least the nest ten days and while they got off to a slow start the peas really got going and are now a good size, over a foot, but have yet to flower. What I’m not sure about is whether they still have a chance to produce well in this heat or if at this point they would serve a better as a soil amendment and the space be better filled with sometching that is better suited to the conditions, like beans or squash.

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