Rust on zoysia?

I put in zoysia plugs three years ago and has filled in one side on the yard in full sun, but is struggling In an area that was in full sun three years ago but is now getting some light shade from a fast growing river birch. The struggling zoysia looks to have what I think is rust and it is also competing with the birch for water. Is it correct that high nitrogen fertilizer and warmer weather will fix the rust? I‘m also changing the mower blade soon cause the cuts look raggedy. Will zoysia choke out weeds? The struggling zoysia side has a lot of weeds I was hand pulling then spot sprayed with roundup for lawns, which didn’t seem to do anything.

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  • dchall8 .
    last month

    That doesn't look like rust, but...if you wipe your thumb along one of those blades does your finger get red stuff on it? If not then it's not rust.

    What kind of weeds do you have? Are they grassy weeds or broadleaf weeds like dandelion or clover?

    What is your watering schedule? How often and for how long do you water? Have you gotten a lot of rain recently?

  • gumneck 7A Virginia
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    last month

    Thanks. I will go swipe a few blades tomorrow and see what happens. We have had a good amount of rain but not excessive. I have not had to water because we’ve gotten decent rain. We did have a cold snap in mid-May after everything greened up.

    The weeds are broadleaf weeds.

    I haven’t done a soil test in awhile. Maybe I will start there.

  • dchall8 .
    last month
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    If you get your soil test done at Logan Labs ($25) and post it here, morpheuspa will look at it and give you about $200 worth of advice for free. Nobody gets kickbacks from Logan Labs. They are just the best in the country.

    If you do that, post the results in a new topic, not this one.

  • morpheuspa (6B/7A, E. PA)
    last month

    I wish I got kickbacks from Logan Labs.

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