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Hi Everyone,

I recently started from scratch and planted Oasis Bermuda Grass in my backyard (1100 sq ft). Today makes day 25 since I seeded. I am in Zone 10 (Southern California). I've been keeping the soil watered and moist and have been tending to my grass often as I am working from home. The left side of my yard started coming in pretty good... patchy, but nice, but then I noticed that the right side and now the center of my yard is starting to stunt and is not really growing. Most frightening, the sprouts are beginning to turn purple. I've posted some photos below. Again, this is day 25. I did drop some Simple Solutions Liquid Fertilizer 16-4-8 about 12-13 days ago.... I don't know what to do as I do not know whether my grass is thriving. I am continuing to water as normal (its been pretty hot lately). Usually AM, Mid day, if needed, afternoon/evening. I've put a lot of time, love and money into seeding and was praying for a positive result. How can I save my grass? Any help, tips, or would be greatly appreciated! Thank you everyone.

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