Discussing Pots

16 days ago

Thought I would start a thread to discuss pot options for those of us new-ish to growing potted citrus. So some background:
In the last year I have acquired a pair of kumquat trees that grow indoors (no outdoor space) at a west-southwest 6 foot tall, 15 foot wide insulated picture window. They grow really well, and don't get moved much. I acquired the Nagami first, and moved it to a 5 gallon terra cotta pot this last January. The Nagami has grown a lot and is now very heavy, especially with its clay pot. My other tree, a Fukushu Kumquat, is a recent acquisition and still lives in its nursery pot as it's not yet rootbound and I have yet to decide how I want to pot it. (In addition to these guys I also have a fern, a couple orchids, and a fig tree that have been there awhile). I live on the edge of a wetland buffer, and winters see darker weather, cool air, and a lot of humidity due the the almost constant rain. For this reason I struggle with plastic pots. Even using a moisture meter, well-draining soil, and waiting to water until the soil is on the dry side, I have found that soil in plastic just stays too wet during the winter time and has the propensity to grow mold during that time of year. Most of my other plants have all been moved to terra cotta, and the mold problems have disappeared. The challenge, is that with trees that can already get pretty heavy, clay pots of that size are difficult to move. (Though I'm going to be investing in a wheeled plant stand for the Nagami). I'm mostly curious, as with hard floors it's not too big of a problem just keeping my trees on caddys, but has anyone found good lightweight pots that don't retain so much moisture?

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