Closet Conversion- Is this possible, or am I crazy?

6 months ago

We just bought a smaller home, and no longer have an office space. We knew we would need to find a space for an office, even pre-COVID work from home orders. Initially, we planned for a area in the basement play room, but with the kids home so often, we need an isolated space that allows for a closed door.

We do however, have an unusually large closet on the main floor that was once designed as a first-floor walk-in closet off a hall in the case of single floor living. The rough dimensions of the room are 9' 2.5" long and 43" wide. There are currently no windows, and it is an interior room and the only door is on the hallway end.

I spoke to a designer friend, who said that it would be impossible to convert it into a functional space except for a small desk on the far short wall, rending the long side walls useless for storage etc. My endless searches on Houzz and Pinterest

have turned up almost nothing similar in size that offers functionality. New to posting, thought I would give this a try.

Has anyone converted a closet that is similar in depth and narrowness, and how did you tackle it?

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