"Jesse Hildreth" -- An Unidentified Tea Rose

16 days ago

Soon or late, most of the Cemetery roses get identified. "Jesse Hildreth" has not ... though we presume a relationship to 'Lamarque', 'Devoniensis', and the lost 'Smith's Yellow'.

There are presently two sources for "Jesse Hildreth"

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  • jerijen
    Original Author
    15 days ago

    Ingrid -- They didn't really chop it up, but as the tall old wood aged, the Mow & Blow gardeners chopped off every new cane that started to grow. THEN, the installation of a new grave cost it half of its roots., and I really thought we'd lose it.

    But when we called attention to the problem, some great SJB folks went into action ... pushed for change, and saved the plant.

    "Jesse" of course, isn't the only old/valuable rose in SJB. Jill Perry, of the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, has spent a lot of time there, and has done a great job of documenting the roses there. (Including a truly gigantic 'Niles Cochet' on the Alameda, and some others. (I have a truly spectacular, best-ever 'Gloire des Rosomanes' collected there.)

    You can learn a bit more at the Heritage Roses of San Juan Bautista FB page:

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  • damask_rose_zone9b
    15 days ago

    Such a beautiful rose! Is this one of the roses growing near Mission San Juan Bautista? I really enjoyed the article you posted a couple months ago. I have visited a couple of times but I never knew about all the historical roses that grew there. It's such a shame that the roses were neglected for so long and that so many varieties have been lost, but it's so wonderful how you were able to save the remaining roses, some previously unknown! That's a pretty incredible feat, to be able to preserve a piece of history!

    Have a nice evening,

    damask_rose : )

  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9
    15 days ago

    Seeing all these specimens (the first one is incredible, how could they chop it up???) made me very sad about mine which seemed to be doing better for a while and is now almost completely eaten. I should have build a concrete bunker around it. However, it's heartening to know that you have it, Jeri, and also a few other fortunate people. It's much too beautiful to lose.

  • Paul Barden
    15 days ago

    That's a truly sublime beauty!

  • jerijen
    Original Author
    15 days ago

    Paul -- It really, really is. Studying it, it looks like it must be one of the roses linked to Smith's Yellow ... but WHAT? I've always wondered if perhaps it IS that.

  • K S 8b Seattle
    13 days ago

    What a beautiful rose! Thanks for sharing you images, Jeri. I'd love to grow this one someday.

  • roseseek
    12 days ago

    Paul, it also makes a SAND STORM of pollen! I have planted self seeds of it but they don't germinate easily. So, its pollen is being used in pretty much any and everything in the yard.

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