How do I fix these small problems?

7 days ago

Most are tiny issues, and one not so tiny. They either are hoping I will not notice or they think it is not a problem.

1. The cabinet maker forgot to pay attention to the pre-existing plumbing when he built my cabinet. He took out the middle drawer and removed the P-trap to get the cabinet in place. His answer was to

remove the P-trap and cut 3" off the length of the middle drawer. Will this cost me more in plumbing costs? Can the plumbing still be installed correctly? I can't even get to one of the cutoffs unless I remove the drawers and the P-trap will block the other cut off.

2. How can I fix this corner trim gap and uneven baseboard trim? Obviously, the contractor can't, or he would have done it. He knows the gaps are there and thinks it is okay. So, do I need to remove it and re-nail it? Or should I fill in the gap with stainable putty?

3. Mismatched stain and the cut ends don't line up. He was supposed to re-use the old trim in one or two rooms, and put all the new woodwork in the other rooms. He knew he wasn't supposed to put old and new in the same room. He forgot. And I had a lot of new stained trim left over that he bought. So what is the easiest thing to do? It has already been cut and installed. I could try to restain the trim and protect the carpet or buy more new woodwork, stain it, and install it myself.

4. I still had plenty of trim left over so I don't know why the trim was done like this inside the closet and outside the closet. No one would notice it inside the closet, but the outside looks horrible. The problem started because he measured wrong. He knew I was reusing the bi-fold doors when he built the closet. He forgot to account for a 4"-5" section of wall to attach the door jamb. This is why the trim is only an inch wide. I could deal with that, but why cut it in half when I had plenty of trim left? Also, he could have told me that he had measured wrong, and I could have bought new, smaller bi-fold doors. Easy fix with smaller doors. Now, I have a 1 inch trim piece in two pieces. Should I remove the top trim and cut it to a 45° angle, then reattach? Then, use a new piece of trim and cut it to 1" wide, then cut a 45° angle and reinstall it? He used new and old trim again on the two doors.

5. Carpet was reinstalled, and one room's carpet (doorway) was turned the wrong way. The closet's carpet looks like he took an outside edge that had gotten stain on it. We had plenty left over, but got rid of it before I noticed. There is nothing I can do about the carpet except buy new carpet. I guess I can ignore the stain since it is in a closet.


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