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My spouse passed in April after a long illness. Last week, while packing his clothes to send to the Salvation Army, I decided to make a lap quilt out of his shirts. My cousin's husband made one from shirts he purchased at a thrift store, which I liked and pretty much decided to do it that way. My cousin-in-law's quilt top was basically HSTs in rows with one side of the HST in white and the other in a color/print. I've avoided most HST's in my few quilting adventures, which are mostly D9Ps and I spy with a couple of more difficult ones thrown in.

Then, I saw the post this morning on the HST layout questions. I saw the quilt I want to make, but I don't want it square. I want to make it somewhere in the range of 42 X 65. I don't want the finished HSTs to be so big it looks strange and not so small that it will drive me nuts. It will be a very plain quilt, as most of the shirts are different shades of solid blue or regular white shirts with a few prints thrown in. This is the layout I want to use. I was planning the white to be the darker color in the example.

How do I get there from here? Is there a block here that I'm not seeing? Would this block have a name? Surely there is a way to make the squares into blocks and then into rows. I have a hard time getting squares from the wall to the sewing machine in the right order.


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