New Construction "Complete"

13 days ago

We have moved into our home in the last month, and it's been great overall.

However, there are a few things the GC has yet to complete:

1. The window screens and hardware arrived in the wrong color (our windows are black, but all the screens and hardware are in white). They've been sitting in the living room for the last month.

2. The flush paneling/toe kick under the island and dishwasher were not installed. There's just a big empty space underneath the island.

3. I found some roof shingles on the ground after a storm a couple of weeks ago.

4. All cabinet pulls haven't been installed. Our kitchen cabinet pulls were just installed a couple of weeks ago.

I've contacted them almost weekly on these things. The biggest item that I'm worried about is the roof and the window screens since those aren't cheap items. The rest, I can probably deal with for now. Do I just need to wait for these things to be completed? Is there another approach I need to take?

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