Do spiders eat rose midge?

Chantal Galda
4 days ago

I have a lot of spiders under and even between my roses, right now there are a lot of spider webs just above the mulch. It are different species of spiders too, sometimes 3 different spiders closely webbing near eachother. I already got bitten twice btw lol. I do have the typical burned tips of new growth on some ends which makes me think I have midge. (Western Pennsylvania) I wanted to take organic measures for midge control (like plastic, or changing the top layer of soil) but now I’m wondering if I should maybe let the spiders do their thing? Maybe it’s wishful thinking?

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  • witchygirrl6bwv
    4 days ago

    Even if spiders only ate midge, I doubt they would make dent in them. I'm scared of some spiders, but I'd prefer spiders hanging out, if it reduced the midge. I think people have had luck with the oil coated cups, along with the things you mentioned.

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  • K S 8b Seattle
    3 days ago

    Well, they sure eat something -- I have a ton of them living in the blooms of my Eden rose, and I suspect they eat thrips.

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  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)
    3 days ago

    roseseek: I looked at the page for which you provided the link. I did not see where it said that spiders don’t eat Rose midge. Did I miss it?

    To be clear, it’s not that I think spiders do ( eat Rose midge). It would be nice if they did.

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  • roseseek
    3 days ago

    No, it did not even mention spiders as they are not beneficial predators which eat rose midge. That Oregon State page stated what the chemical and organic controls for midge were. Spiders were never mentioned, therefore they haven't been found to be effective against midge.