Living Room with 3 Focal Points? Help!

19 days ago
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My wife and I are struggling to design and lay out our living room. This room doubles as a true living room (conversational) and a TV watching room. We do watch TV and movies but spend equal time listening to music and reading.

Our struggle is that this room has potentially three focal points. The fireplace, the views (which are great), and the TV was "intended" to be on the large blank when the house was built by the previous owners. The way we see it, we have three options and I'd appreciate everyone's input on the layout and furniture arrangement.

Option 1: TV Centered on Large White Wall

We'd likely get a large (95"+) couch and center it on the windows, facing outward. We'd get two swivel fabric chairs (possibly reclining if they're streamlined) and place them against the windows, facing inward. This setup would provide good TV watching spots for 3 people (two swivel chairs, and the person on the left-most end of the couch). The couch viewers would unfortunately have to tweak their neck when watching TV.

Option 2: TV Aligned Left on Large White Wall

Basically, we'd go with the same layout as above, but this would slightly optimize the TV viewing for the folks on the couch. However, it would highly reduce the viewing for the swivel chair on the right.

Option 3: TV Above Fireplace

We tried this when we first moved in, and for whatever reason, we didn't like it. The mantle is currently too high (it would need to be lowered) and we didn't love the TV being the main focal point when you walk into our front door into the living room. However, this setup provides a ton more flexibility on layouts. We could keep the couch as described above, and put a smaller couch along with a recliner with their backs against the large white wall (perpendicular to the large couch). The only cons of doing this are that it makes the TV a large focal point, and when watching the TV (if it's above the fireplace), the TV viewers are somewhat looking into the rest of the house, all the way into the kitchen (it's a very open floorplan).

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