Free standing deck. Does anyone else have this design?

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3 days ago

We are looking at a home and it has a free standing deck design (supported natively).

The deck does not use a ledger. It is not a Hung Deck. It is a Sitting deck. its rear (towards house) sits on the wall, which sits on the foundation. The front of the deck sits on posts that are 20-40 foot piers (house is on a hill).

The floor joists are 2x10; the deck joists are 2x8. This allows the deck to have a lower floor than the home.

The deck joists are 16" OC.

Both the Deck Joist (DJ) and floor joist (FJ) sit on the Wall plate.

So the layout is FJ/DJ --> FJ/DJ --> FJ/DJ; The FJ is 10x2; DJ is 8x2.

The space between the Joist pairs (FJ/DJ) is. blocked

Beyond this block there is no more FJ. The FJ is sealed off. But the end of the FJ would be visible. So the only thing visible here are DJ. So the joists are now DJ -> DJ -DJ set 16" apart.

A finishing block is placed on this block ( redwood 2x10). It completes the finish. I call this the Finish block or facade

I suspect there is flashing around the DJ's behind the Finish block.

There is a flashing on the wall and it extends 4" beyond the wall. So this prevents any water from entering the joist gaps.

I like the look a lot - since there are no exposed hangers or other hardware.

It is also very sturdy

since the deck is supported on all sides.

Anti - racking braces are added across the joists.

Lateral braces run between posts (steel cables); knee braces have also been added.

I suspect this sort of deck has to built while the house is built.

My questions are

1. Does anyone else have this type of deck layout (No Ledger). What is your experience.

Can someone recommend a deck builder who builds/repairs these kind of decks?


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