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2 days ago
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just bought the home (previous owner's photos) and now it is time to repair/paint exterior. We are considering painting the brick or German schmear on the brick or leaving it as is.

********We really need help in deciding paint colors & metal roofing

*house is currently taupe like color with cream trim and grey green.... We are not traditional and knocked out walls when we bought the house to open spaces up.

* We are not in love with our exterior shutters/ will probably not put them back up OR we may replace them with other shutters that are more exciting. Open to suggestions for this, as well.

*we already took out the back door/window and put in a 9 ft sliding aluminum door.

*Already have plans to add a metal roof/ outdoor living space off the back of the house and smaller size ones over garage doors. Need help with roof color!

*Taking off back porch, one long large step to connect to ground and putting pavers down - eventually may add pool in extensive back yard (extend more pavers from and put behind the large group of windows)

*Taking out the columns in front, putting 3 wood beams in w/ metal railings, installing tongue and groove wood with stain (TBD color) on underside of front porch & future back porch feature

*NEXT SPRING, we are re-landscaping the full yard and all bushes/ taking out all ground covering (so snake-y)

Thank you for your time and open to any suggestions.

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