How to Backsplash Awk. Sidewall Next to Stove

last month

I've read similar posts to this, but still confused! I'm hoping that sharing the actual specs of my kitchen will help.

The Dilemma: My small kitchen has one long wall (red arrow) that is definitely getting tiled with this white mosaic backsplash tile. However, my range goes right up against a small side wall (that has a window in the center). My instinct is to put backsplash on this side wall; we've been cooking on this stove as is for a few months, and it really is sort of a pain to clean.

The only reason I would consider leaving this wall totally tile-free is if there is truly no way to tile this way that isn't awkward.

Hopefully the photo gives some insight into the variety of options I'm considering, so I'd rather just leave it open to you all: how should I tile this wall?

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