Perla Venata Quartzite vs. Taj Mahal Quartzite - same or different?

2 months ago

After searching Houzz, I decided that I love Taj mahal quartzite and want it in my new white (shaker cabinet) kitchen. I went to the website of the place I will be getting my countertop material from and the pictures of the Taj Mahal quartzite slabs they have in inventory seem much greyer and less creamy/beigey than the pics I have seen online of Taj mahal quartzite.

On the same website, the "Perla Venata" slabs look more like what I have seen online being described as Taj Mahal quartzite.

To make matters more confusing, when I searched "Perla Venata" on Houzz, I have seen the terms used interchangeably! For example, I have seen countertops being described as "Perla Venata (Taj Mahal) Quartzite." Can someone help me figure all this out? Are they the same thing?

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