Another picture to cheer everyone up

last month

I have posted this before, but not for a while. I thought it might qualify as a picture to cheer us up, when we need it. The ugly building is the 80+ year old garage next door, which is about 2 feet away from the fence. I planted the roses (Summer Wine, Buff Beauty, and Cl Iceberg and a clematis) to soften the view - they actually block it pretty well from ground level. This view was taken from our second floor window, looking down, and for some reason I like it. Hope it cheers you up!

We need cheering up a lot here in CA - in addition to covid and the related Govt. forced economic collapse, the power grid shutoffs (to prevent fires, but also because the Govt of CA has mandated that a huge percentage of the energy used for the electrical grid be "green", and the sources of that have turned out to be inadequate, so we have "rolling blackouts"), we are having an amazing # of huge dry lightening caused fires right in the very populated San Francisco Bay area (total acres still burning - 800,000 and counting, with over 500 homes burned). In addition to the horrors of the fires, the smoke is all over everywhere, and sometimes we can barely see across the street.

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