Freaking out about asbestos!

Monea Ruiz
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

So we’ve been dealing with some type of water Under our vinyl flooring. My bf told my landlord he could pull up a plank and see what was going on under. There was some moisture under and then what looked like tile. My bf managed to get one single tile up and found no moisture. The landlord failed to tell us the tile contained asbestos. So now I’m freaking out because we swept it up. The broom we used touched my couch. I had a carpet nearby that got a chip of vinyl on it but I don’t believe came in contact with the tile. I have yet to clean one spot that we put a towel over since some moisture from the vinyl got on the floor and then I washed the bfs clothes in the washing machine. Are we ok since it was just one tile? Also it was in the living room so I had my daughters playpen and toys and just so much was exposed in there. Please help!

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