New Kitchen Design Help- Balance Functionality with Appearance

8 days ago

My wife and I are looking at building our first detached home. We have finally got a rough floor plan for the lot (its a corner lot so it has presented some challenges), and now we are trying to figure out the inside.

The Kitchen is where we have hit our roadblock. Based on the floor plan, the windows located in the kitchen would be in the corner (the other option would be to place a single window in the center of the west wall, however, then the view would strictly be of the neighbouring house, so we don't like that option).

This is the current layout of the main floor.

This is the proposed kitchen layout from the designer. We have heard mixed things about having a corner sink, but end of the day because of the window situation think its probably the best use of the space, but there would be a 2nd sink in the island.

What we dont like about this layout is the DW on the left of the sink, and the location of the fridge. I dont think it would look very nice to look at the side from the dining area. So we figured that we would move it to beside the pantry

So this is the layout we came up with. The problem is now with the fridge in the new location, we have to move the range over. From a functional point of view, I think this layout is great, the range, and fridge both have unobstructed counter space on the island behind them, and with the prep sink there, it makes for a nice handy triangle.

The issue as my Wife pointed out, is now we could no longer have symmetrical cabinets above the range, as there would be windows on the one side (12 inches away). If we moved the range to the right, then the prep sink and range would not be able to be used by 2 people at the same time. With the fridge where it is, if you put the prep sink back in the corner as the original design, then the fridge does not have a landing space.

Nothing has been built yet, so there is still time to change the plans, but we are stuck. Any thoughts/ ideas/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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