Ideas for front facade - Center Hall Colonial. Portico? Paint?

last month

I'm not a Center Hall Colonial kind of girl, but moved into this house a couple years ago. The question is how to improve the look. To me it looks blocky and flat not mention the same as every other house on the block.

We definitely need to replace the stone on the front step so I think now's the time to do a bit more as well.

We're considering 1) adding a small flat roof portico v. just removing the federalist molding over the door. 2) removing the faux stone finish below the bays, if the brick is in good shape underneath. 3) we need to repaint the metal roofs above the bays, so we could change the color there as well. 4) replace the lights.

I'd love to also replace the white metal flashing around the bay windows, with something to give it more depth, but the metal is doing its job keeping the rain out and would be expensive to replace. And in my ideal world, I'd paint or white wash the house, but I think the money is better spent elsewhere.

My husband wants a portico to keep package dry and I thought I wanted the portico, but now worry it might reduce light coming into the bays (northern exposure), and make the face look crowded.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I welcome any ideas!! Thanks!

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